Yellow Jacket Trap by - SpringStar

Yellow Jacket Trap by - SpringStar
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Product Description

Slim Yellow jacket Trap & Yellow jacket Lure. This is the slim-jar version of the original Oak Stump Farm Yellowjacket Trap, which safely and efficiently catches yellowjackets and other wasps by baiting and capturing them in a transparent jar. This trap is more effective because it allows a few insects to escape and return to the nest - they then revisit to the trap, bringing more wasps with them right into the trap! Oak Stump Farm Yellowjacket Traps are reusable, non-toxic and safe for the environment. One Lure included.

Be sure to get extra Yellow Jacket Lures too Our Yellowjacket Lure is effective for all types of yellow jackets and the naturally-based bait works in any brand trap. Bait tubes last 10 to 14 days and comes as a set of 4 lures.