WristSaver Garden Tools - set of 4

WristSaver Garden Tools - set of 4
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WristSaver Garden Tools - set of 4

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"When you put [a Wrist Saver tool] in your hand, it makes you want to go looking for beds to cultivate and hoe. They were more efficient and offered more power than any comparable small hand tool I have ever used."
- Joel M. Lerner, The Washington Post

"Vertex Wrist Saver Tools are the real thing. These are the most comfortable, easy to use gardening tools I’ve ever used."
"Ergonomically-designed Vertex Wrist Saver Tools are a gardener’s best friend!"
- Flower & Garden Magazine

"I couldn’t imagine I would enjoy using the Wrist Saver v-hoe, cultivator and trowel, but I did! . . . Gripping the vertical handle of the hoe with the cuff in position on the top of my arm, I made short work of the weeds."
- Cincinnati Enquirer

"These tools are ideal for anyone with carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, arthritis or other physical aliments."
- Phyllis Stephens, Spokesman Review

"We gave these tools a try and loved them."
- The Columbus Dispatch

"These ergonomic tools actually make digging easier by keeping your wrist straight and harnessing that [upper-arm] energy."
- Garden Compass Magazine

"They are perfect for digging, planting, weeding, aerating, and amending soil."
- Hardware and Home Centre Magazine

"Gardeners with –– or trying to avoid –– carpal tunnel syndrome will welcome them, as will those with chronic joint pain, inflammation or reduced strength."
- Connecticut Post