Worm Composting Bins

Master gardeners agree that compost made by worms is the most beneficial for your garden and house plants. The Worm FactoryŽ, by Cascade Sales Manufacturing Inc., uses an upward migrating design that makes producing this nutrient-rich "black gold" easy and effective!

As waste in the lower trays is converted to compost, worms migrate upward in search of sustenance. This means that when the lower trays are ready for your garden, most worms will have left that tray. This prevents you from having to go through trays, picking out worms by hand. Once a tray has been emptied, simply place the tray on the top of the worm factory and begin filling it again with waste. This cycling, stackable tray system also means the Worm FactoryŽ can produce nutrient-rich compost and "worm tea" at a faster rate than traditional forms of composting.

The Worm FactoryŽ is the perfect solution for any gardener looking for an easy, effective way to produce the best compost for their plants. Go green and help your garden with the Worm FactoryŽ!

The Worm FactoryŽ is a multi-tray worm composter that uses red wiggler worms to enhance compost while speeding up the process. Fill each stacking tray with food scraps, junk mail and other household waste. Worms start in the bottom tray and migrate upward as they break down the waste. This allows worms to separate themselves from the finished compost making it easy to add nutrient-rich fertilizer to plants and gardens without sorting worms. Additionally, nutrient-rich moisture is captured in the collection tray and can be drained as liquid fertilizer known as "worm tea".

The 16 page instruction manual makes set up easy and gives detailed instructions on how to manage an odorless bin year round, indoors and outdoors. It’s made with high-quality post-consumer recycled plastic and is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Worm FactoryŽ Diagrahm
Operational in temperatures between 45 and 85 degrees