Wild Bird Kit for WoodPeckers

Wild Bird Kit for WoodPeckers
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Woodpeckers are one of the most interesting and fun birds to watch at your backyard feeder. They are quick and nimble flyers and aggressive feeders, making them an easy bird to attract to your feeder. Watch them hang upside down on nearby tree limbs and feeding poles and then suddenly bust into flight as they streak toward your feeder. This Woodpecker Gift Box makes the perfect gift for the bird watcher on your list, or a wonderful introduction for the 1st time bird feeder.

Gift Box Includes
(1) BDFE202F04 Heath Metal Suet Feeder
(1) BDFEPEPM01 Peanut Feeder PerkyPet
(1) BDSEPEW010 Shelled Peanuts 10 LB
(3) BDSUPEH002 Heath Suet Peanut Cake