WhiteflyTraps for house plants

WhiteflyTraps for house plants
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Product Description

Contains 9 Traps & 3 Trap Holders. Easy to use and pesticide-free! The Sticky Whitefly Traps bright yellow color attracts feeding insects away from your plants, and the sticky Tangle-Trap coating traps them as they land.

Each package contains 3 Trap Holder stakes. When using the trap in heavily infested plants, it helps to gently shake the plant AFTER placing the Sticky Whitefly Trap. The whiteflies will swarm temporarily, be attracted to the yellow color, and become trapped in the sticky Tangle-Trap. The trap also works well for attracting Leafminers, Fruitflies, Leafhoppers and Winged Aphids. They provide chemical-free, odorless protection 24 hours a day. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors, in greenhouses and gardens, in pots or planters of any kind. They'll last all season long, even in the rain.