Victor Mole Trap - Harpoon plunger

Victor Mole Trap - Harpoon plunger
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Product Description

Eliminate Moles, Voles, Gophers & other similar size pests. A sure, sensitive, and effective spear plunger trap that harpoons the mole causing instant death. Six prong spears. Trap attractively finished with rust resistant coating. Must be used with caution around children, & family pets. Cover the trap with a bucket to prevent tampering. Equipped with a safety pin to eliminate false firings.
Spring is the best time to trap moles because newly made surface tunnels are easy to spot. However, moles can be trapped during any season except in very cold or dry weather.

The Victor Mole Trap is ideal for reducing populations of Moles, Voles & Gophers
16 3/4 X 3 3/4 X 4" at longest dimensions