Ultimate Flea Trap by Victor - Case of 3

Ultimate Flea Trap by Victor - Case of 3
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Product Description

Ultimate Flea Trap by Victor - Case of 3

Lures fleas from 30 ft. Away.

Control Fleas without poisons and still get effective results. This Trap detects and controls indoor fleas 24 hours a day with a 93% catch rate. Lures fleas out of upholstery and carpeting from up to 30 ft. away. They are attracted into the "Super Grabber" glue disc for easy monitoring and removal. How it works:

The Trap utilizes a 7 watt light, attracting fleas at night, plus, it generates heat which also attracts Fleas. They are attracted into the Trap, where the "Super Grabber" glue disc is located. Once inside, they are held fast. Trap allows for 360 degree access, so Fleas enter from any direction. The Glue Disc can hold thousands of Fleas before needing replaced. (It is recommended to change the 'glue disc' every 2 to 4 weeks.) The Ultimate Flea Trap is very easy to set up and built to last. (2) "Super Grabber" glue discs are included. Made in the USA and comes with a one year warranty. An essential tool in a complete flea control program, the Ultimate Flea Trap monitors and controls flea infestations.

It's Safe: The non-poisonous and odorless trap enables safe placement around children and pets and comes fully assembled and ready to use.