Tools & Supplies

Tools & Supplies
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The tools & supplies needed for dried flower arranging are limited to a few basics. Many of the hand tools needed, you probably already have. Here are a few items that may be hard to come by.

Spanish Moss Natural - 4 oz.
Spanish Moss Natural. Spanish moss is an excellent decorative moss to use to the hide mechanics of flower arrangements and wreath making. ... potted plants while preventing dehydration of top soil. 125 cubic inches. Not intended for human or animal consumption.
Glue Pellets 1 lb. bag
Not Available.

The glue of choice for glue skillet users. Great for all floral arranging projects as well as silk tree manufacturing or repair. High tack, with minimal strings. Sets clear.
GLUE 0300-
Glue Skillet -7 inch
Not Available.

This is the choice of Professionals for wreath making. Save time and effort when you use this ideal tool for floral arranging. Especially useful when used with our string free Skillet Glue. 7 inch skillet with adjustable thermostat.
GLUE 0600-