"Super Fragrant" Lavender Buds - 8oz. bag

"Super Fragrant" Lavender Buds -  8oz. bag
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Product Description

The very essence of Lavender is the bud. There are several types of Lavender with unique characteristics and specific uses. Our "Super Fragrant" Lavender is one of the most fragrant and makes wonderful Sachets. Coloring is a Blue to Grey mixture. When shopping for Lavender, you will find as the coloration gets more Blue the fragrance will normally decrease. So get the type of Lavender that is best for your particular needs. We have been selling Lavender, Dried flowers and Wreaths for many years, you can buy with confidence. 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we sell. This is great Lavender for wedding toss, potpourri, closet fresheners, oil candles, aroma pots and many other uses. Each 8 oz. bag contains approx. 9 cups of Lavender Buds. Variety: Lavandula dentata