Spider & Silverfish Trap - Jumbo by Spring Star

Spider & Silverfish Trap - Jumbo by Spring Star
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Most species of spiders are important beneficial predators, they keep insect populations in check. A few spider species cause problems for homeowners by running and wandering through homes. Spiders actively hunt for their prey and rely on their searching abilities to find food. They use their speed to catch insects, which unfortunately, can be irritating and annoying, especially at certain times of the year. Most of these spiders are non-toxic and are usually afraid of people. Safe-to-use non-toxic Spider Traps. Can be used for almost any type of spider found running in homes, including Hobo spiders, domestic house spiders, Wolf spiders, Brown Recluse spiders, Parson spiders, Sac spiders and more. Each sticky baited trap will last up to three months under normal conditions. All six traps are small in size and can be used safely any-where. Traps are attractively colored to blend into any home. They imitate spider hiding places and are effective when placed along the baseboard of walls. All traps are disposable and easy to handle without touching the trapped spiders. Package of 6 traps.


-Peel release paper to expose sticky glue.
-Tuck tab to assemble. STICKY SIDE GOES IN!
-Place trap where spiders have been seen. Along baseboards, near doorways and in the corners of rooms.
-Dispose of traps when full or at least every 3 months.
-In case of contact, glue can be removed with vegetable oil.
-Contains No Toxins or Pesticides.