Spray Away Water Repellent by HavaHart

Spray Away Water Repellent by HavaHart
Item# GNPGEEW001
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Product Description

Protects 1,000 square feet, 24 hours a day.

Now there is a reliable way to safeguard your favorite plants from many types of pesky critters, 24 hours a day. Surprise animals with a blast of water from this motion activated water repeller. Chases wild animals, as well as pets away from landscape and gardens.

- Spray Away senses the animal by using heat and movement for efficacy. - Spray Away pauses for 8 seconds after firing, creating randomness, preventing the animal from becoming accustomed to the repellent Protects 1000 sq. ft. - Water blast will shoot up to 35 ft. - Uses 9 volt battery power for thousands of activations.