Snake Repellet Gallon RTU by Liquid Fence

Snake Repellet Gallon RTU by Liquid Fence
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Liquid Fence Snake Repellent 1 Gallon Ready-to-Use

Covers 2,000 Square Feet

Are Snakes Terrorizing your Family, Pets & Livestock?
Repel them with Liquid Fence Snake Repellent, our all natural, environmentally safe snake repellent. Our earth and family friendly spray solves your disturbing and sometimes dangerous snake infestation problems.

The 100% Naphthalene Free Snake Repellent that Works!

Most traditional snake repellents use Naphthalene a chemical that has been shown to cause liver damage, anemia and is classified by the EPA as a Class C possible human carcinogen.

The Liquid Fence Snake Repellent is napthalene free, earth & family friendly and just as effective in repelling snakes.

Liquid Snake has been shown to be safe and effective at repelling snakes including:

Northern Ringneck Snake
Eastern Hognose Snake
Smooth Green Snake
Corn Snake
Gray Ratsnake
Yellow Ratsnake
Everglades Ratsnake
California Kingsnake
Desert Black Kingsnake
Speckled Kingsnake
Pueblan Milksnake
Eastern Milksnake
Northern Pine Snake
Northern Watersnake
Red-Bellied Snake
Eastern Garter Snake
Southern Copperhead
Eastern Cottonmouth
Florida Cottonmouth
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
Keep Snakes away safely with Liquid Fence Snake Repellent

Safe for your plants & family - 100% Napthalene Free
Proven Effective at Repelling Snakes - ESU field tested
Easy-to-use - Just Spray and your Problems Go Away
Long lasting and rain resistant - Finally, a Hassle Free Solution to Snake problems
Can be used around water - Snake protection anywhere it's needed
Worry Free Snake Protection - Family & pet friendly
Guaranteed - 100% Money Back Guarantee