Sevin Spray Dispenser - 32 oz.

Sevin Spray Dispenser - 32 oz.
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Product Description

Ready To Use 32 oz. Dispenser of Sevin.
When convenience and easy storage are a must.
GardenTech® Sevin containing carbaryl is the most effective insecticide on the market today. Consumers and professionals have trusted Sevin for nearly 40 years to control a wide variety of insects. Sevin provides the consumer with the broadest spectrum of control, killing more insects in more places versus other leading brands.

Sevin has a dual mode-of-action
- it works on contact and through ingestion. Sevin is non-systemic, which means it does not penetrate plant tissue
- it stays on the outside. After controlling the targeted pest, Sevin is easily broken down in the environment.

- Sevin is one of the most effective and recommended insecticides to use for control of damaging Japanese beetles. Sevin is also very effective in the control of ticks that transmit Lyme disease.

- Sevin® can be used throughout the growing season, right up to harvest. For more details, refer to the section Product Information.

Q : Will Sevin control all insects?
A: Sevin controls more than 100 insects.