Scatter Box Spreader

Scatter Box Spreader
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Scatter Box Spreader-Applicator: An all-purpose applicator for fertilizer, seed, granular insecticides, ice melts & fire ant baits.

- Rust and corrosion resistant
- Made of Polypropylene
- Light weight, easy to use
- For little and big jobs
- Easy on-off-flow rate adjuster
- One knob does it all
- Handy rate application chart
- Embossed on the side of the hopper
- ALL PURPOSE applicator
- Fertilizer, seed, granular insecticides

The Scatter Box is a hand held Broadcast Spreader
The SCATTER BOX has a 4lb. capacity. Directions are embossed in the plastic on the side of the unit. They can never b elost or washed off. The unit is ideal for broadcasting grass seed, fertilizer, granular insecticides i.e. fire ant baits and snail and slug baits, vegetable seed such as, turnips, and radishes. It is also used to spread Bermuda grass, clover, wildflowers seed, as well as ice melts. This makes it a year round spreader. Turn the handle forward and it throws an8' to 10’swath. Turn the handle backward and it throws a 4’ swath. Great for walkways and driveways. Plan tMates introduced the SCATTER BOX in 1984 and it has met claims of patent infringements and won them. We have maintained our four pound capacity while others have increased the size of their hopper to hold as much as TEN POUNDS. Women are the largest group of users for this type of product. Gardeners prefer working with lighter weight tools and enjoy the experience rather than wear themselves out with heavy weight hand spreaders even if they are ergonomically designed.