Red Wiggler Worms - 2000

Red Wiggler Worms - 2000
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Product Description

Traditional compost piles take weeks to make a low grade humus that, if not used correctly, can burn and damage your plants. A pound of Red Wrigglers can turn a pound of leaves, grass clippings or even household garbage into a pound of top quality, high-grade manure in only 24 hours. It's not just rotten organic debris. Rather, It's actually digested worm castings (Manure) that won't burn even the most delicate seedlings.

Easy to raise
Grows to 6" in length (2 to 5 times bigger then regular redworms just as active)
Heat and Cold Resistant
Breeds quickly (doubles every 3 months)
Perfect fit for any compost bin or pile
Excellent fish bait Too!

All Red Wigglers are shipped out on the following Monday via U S Post Office Priority Mail.

Cannot be Shipped to HI.