Pruner-Loppers with Telescopic Handles

Pruner-Loppers with Telescopic Handles
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Pruner-Loppers with Telescopic Handles
Our Extension Handle Loppers make short work of trimming and pruning jobs. Adjustable handles extend from 24" to 36" by a simple twist of the handle. Reach those small and medium size limbs that are just out of reach without the use of a ladder.

- Tempered, Teflon coated cutting blades reduce sap build up on the cutting surface.
- Soft foam handle grips.
- Allows those with strength limitations to work in comfort.

I use my Extension Handle Loppers all the time. Trimming limbs over my deck without the use of a ladder, means it's easier to keep things looking nice. The extension handles are made to extend your reach and reduce the effort needed to trim trees and bushes around the home. I will not be without mine again. SL