PackTite Bed Bug Luggage Oven

PackTite Bed Bug Luggage Oven
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Product Description

Have the peace of mind when traveling or when others come to visit. Safely eliminates Bed Bugs and other unwanted travelers from your luggage and clothing.

Protect your home from the horror of a bedbug infestation with PackTite™- The easy, safe solution for eliminating “stowaway” bedbugs in your luggage.

Eliminates “stowaway” bedbugs from your luggage.
Treats personal items for bedbugs.
Patent Pending heating technology safely eliminates all stages of bedbugs.

PackTite™ is a safe, non-chemical way to treat your personal items for all bedbug life stages. PackTite™ uses a patent pending technology to gently and thoroughly heat your luggage and all its contents to a temperature that is proven to kill all stages of bedbugs. There is no need to remove luggage contents before using PackTite™. An electronic timer shuts the unit off automatically when the treatment is complete. The PackTite™ unit will fold down for convenient storage and treats most standard suitcases.

Customer Comments

"Envirotech recommends the Packtite to all our customers who travel.”

Debra Kaye, Cpca president and president of Envirotech.

As a children's consignment shop owner, I use a PackTite every day to protect our store and our customers. I don't know what we'd do without it!

Carrie McLaren, Owner, Monk's Trunk.