Night Watch Bed Bug Trap and Monitor

Night Watch Bed Bug Trap and Monitor
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Product Description

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The NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor is a an active bed bug monitor designed to detect the presence of bed bug infestations or to track the progress of bed bug management programs. The device employs three distinct bed bug attractants--CO2, heat and a chemical lure. This combination mimics a sleeping host and attracts all stages of bed bugs seeking a blood meal. (C02 canisters are not included, but can be purchased from; Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Home Depot or other stores that handle Building Materials and Hardware supplies.)

The NightWatch is the only device that continues to release CO2 and other attractants for up to seven days. Other similar monitors only operate for 24 hours or less before requiring maintenance. The NightWatch is also the only monitoring device that is self regulating, automatically turning on during periods when bed bugs are most active and then off when bugs are at rest. The versatility of this unit makes it an invaluable bed bug detection tool.

Detects bedbug infestations early
For commercial pest control use
Provides an early detection mechanism for bedbug outbreaks worldwide
Anyone can learn to use NightWatch in 5 minutes!

Single-Family or Multi-Family Homes
Apartments/Condos/Multi-Unit Dwellings
Cruise Ships
University Housing

State-of-the-art electronic controls
Cutting-edge CO2 release technology
Low CO2 alert on LCD panel
Rugged steel and plastic base construction
Proprietary kairomone lure
Proprietary thermal lure
Utilizes a 20-oz. CO2 bottle
(purchased separately from Walmart, Lowes, or Dicks Sporting Goods)
Energy efficient 24V (low voltage) power cord
Low-noise: CO2 release muffled by unique design
Automatically restarts after a power interruption

Under optimal operating run time (10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.), the CO2 bottle lasts for 7 nights and NightWatch lure should be replaced every 7 days. Additional units may be required for larger rooms/suites. Multiple monitors should be used in these cases to ensure quantification of infestation.

There are a variety of situations where the NightWatch can be especially useful. It is a perfect tool for monitoring locations that do not have a natural host present such as vacant apartments and homes or hotel guest rooms (between guest arrivals). It is also well-suited for monitoring areas that are not used for sleeping but where bed bugs are introduced such as office buildings, schools, public venues, etc. In addition, research has demonstrated that the NightWatch is also effective in detecting low level populations of bed bugs in occupied dwellings. This makes the NightWatch a great tool for detecting bed bugs earlier so the infestation can be treated before getting out of control and for monitoring the progress of a control effort of an existing infestation.

Nightwatch bed bugs Detector is a bed bug detection system or bed bugs trap that will amaze you. Easy installation by anyone who knows how to plug something in and set a clock, will have this unit attracting bed bugs every night from 10pm-6am! Bedbugs come out at night and this unit is powered by the time of day so you wont have to worry about things like forgetting to turn it on OR wasting the lure when bed bugs aren't around during the day! There are a few things to note though: Nightwatch Bed Bugs Monitor was designed primarily for vacant apartments. That being said, you CAN use it while you are sleeping in the room but the bedbugs may be MORE attracted to you than the machine and it may be ineffective.

Nightwatch Bed Bugs Detector lets out a small "ping noise" approximately every 5 seconds from 10pm-6am, so if you sleep light, it may keep you awake.

The Nightwatch bedbugs machine has been proven, on 100 different species, to attract bed bugs but there may be some species that aren't attracted by the lure.