Natural Moth Repllent Kit - #2

Natural Moth Repllent Kit - #2
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Now you can have a selection of "All Natural" & Poison-Free products. No need to worry when you use this Kit around your children and pets. Everything is made from Natural products or in the case of our different pest traps, they use a Pheromone that attracts a specific insect into a sticky, disposable cardboard trap.
"Natural Moth Kit" #2 - Save time and money with this kit. A nice alternative to stronger pesticides. Natural products work best as a repellent, conventional products may be needed for heavy infestations.
You get:
(1Lb) Natural Cedar Shavings.
"Eastern Red Cedar" has been used for hundreds of years as a natural pest repellent and closet lining around the home.
(1) Muslin Bags 5"x8" - pack of 10 bags.
Used to bag Cedar or Lavender buds for use as a sachet bag.
(1) Lavender Buds "Super Fragrant" 8 oz. bag
One of the original Natural pest repellents used by man.
(1) Muslin Bags3"x4" -pack of 10 bags.
Used to bag Lavender buds for use as a sachet bags.
(1) Pantry Trap 2 Pac..
Odorless, Pheromone Trap designed to attract the Indian Meal Moth, one of the most destructive insects in the Food Industry.
(1) Clothing Moth Trap-2 Pac.
Trap works by attracting the #1 pantry pest, "Indian Meal Moths". Trap includes "Indian Meal Moth" Pheromone.
(1) SpringStar Flour & Pantry Trap.
Another Pheromone Trap designed to attract and capture the Indian Meal Moth, Cigarette Beetle and other food storage insects.