Moth Control

We receive many calls each week from florists, crafters, gardeners, pet owners, stores, resturants and home owners, who are seeing moths in their home or place of business. They first notice a few moths flying around, then they see a few more, but if action is not taken soon, this story can become a disaster. They have most likely discovered Indian meal moths or their larvae (worms). This insidious pest will invade and destroy anything that contains a seed or grain product. This Moth may be called or confused with other insects such as; Pantry Bug, Flour Moth, Food or Grain Weevil, Seed Moth and so on. Often times the culprit is the Indian Meal Moth. You will find them in flowers, bird seed, pet food, home pantries or clothing storage....and if they are not controlled, they can cost you. They can ruin most dried flower arrangements, spoil animal and human food items and if not addressed right away, can end up infesting your entire home. Sprays and Aerosols are best used for Pre-Treatment of goods to be stored and existing Moth infestations. If you are dealing with an infestation of Moths, it’s time to take more aggressive measures. Moth infestation require a “Knock Down” of the adult population as soon as possible. This will keep adults from breeding, but will not kill many of the larvae and eggs. Avoid this if at all possible.
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*** Take action before you see the Moths. ***

- Watch for Moths feeding in; Grains, Pasta, Cereals, Flour, Bread products, Pet Foods, Bird Feed, Dried Flowers, Etc.