Moth Killer - Starter Kit

Moth Killer - Starter Kit
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Product Description

"Moth Starter Kit" - Save time and money with this kit. Designed to deal with most small moth problems found around the home.
You get:
(2) Multi-Insect Trap by SpringStar.
Traps for easy disposal, several of the most common pantry and grain eating pests found around the home.
(3) Prozap Insect Guard Strips.
Odorless, hanging strips that kill many Pantry, as well as other common flying and crawling insects.
(2) Hanging Pantry Pest Traps.
Trap works by attracting the #1 pantry pest, the "Indian Meal Moth". Trap includes "Indian Meal Moth" Pheromone.
(1) Safer Cloths Moth Alert Trap.
Another Pheromone Trap designed to attract "Clothing Moths", which are capable of destroying many of your valuable fabrics.

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Package of (2) Multi-Pest Insect Traps
Attracts and captures a variety of insects that commonly invade kitchens, including moths, beetles, and weevils.

The trap uses the same chemical messengers (pheromones) that insects use to attract mates. Bugs are drawn by the scent and are caught in the trap. Long-term use of the Multi-Pest Insect Trap will reduce troubling infestations without the use of toxic chemicals.

These insects occur almost everywhere, and are attracted by food. The insects lay eggs in cracks or crevasses near food, such as in shelving, cupboards and pantries. Adult insects emerge and move about seeking mates. When insects are detected in the trap, you will want to search for signs of larval infestation in foods and dispose of infested foods.
Packaged contains 2 traps.

"Prozap Insect Guards" Last up to 4 Months
If you are looking for long term control of the Indian Meal Moth, itís larvae, and itís eggs as they hatch. The Prozap Insect Guard strip is a safe, clean, effective, and inexpensive solution. Insect Guard strips will eliminate Indian Meal Moths from your home or business and keep them under control for about 4 months. So, if you see moths flying around in your home or business and you have stored; Seeds, Grain, Pet food, Bird seed, Dried flowers, Bulbs, Herbs, Spices or Cereal, know that Fast, Safe & Easy solution is here.
One strip will treat 1,000 cu. ft. for 4 months. Strips measure 10" by 2.5"

Always read and carefully follow the directions on the label of all pesticides.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Dichlorvos, 2,2-Dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate ..........18.6% Related compounds.........................................................1.4% INERT INGREDIENTS:.................................................80.0%

Always read and follow label directions.

"Pantry Traps" Package of 2 traps.

These traps are non-toxic, odorless traps that kill Pantry Moths over a 3-month period. They are ideal for kitchens, cupboards, pet food and birdseed. Our traps will capture Indian Meal Moths, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Almond Moths and Raisin Moths.

Don't let Moths destroy your Dried Flowers, Food Grains, Birdseed and Pet Food. This is a Safe, Non-Toxic method for controlling and monitoring Moths. For immediate knock-down and eradication, use in conjunction with our other moth products. Each package contains 2 traps, complete with pheromone attractant. Safe enough for use in food pantries.

"Safer Cloths Moth Alert Trap" Package of 1 trap.

Saferģ Brand Clothes Moth Alert Trap. Trap protects clothing and furniture from costly moth damage. Designed to alert you to moth problems and trap adult moths not the larvae. Traps last up to 12 weeks. Contains a patented pheromone lure.