Moth-Away Herbal Sachets -3 Jumbo Twin Packs

Moth-Away Herbal Sachets -3 Jumbo Twin  Packs
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Product Description

Moth Away Jumbo Twin Pack for larger applications. Box contains 6 jumbo sachets - Good for an area of 9 cubic feet ea. The Twin Pack can be cut in half for smaller storage units of 4.5 cubic feet each. Hang anywhere - on any suit or dress in a garment bag or wardrobe by peeling the plastic tab from its backing and applying it to the sachet.

Moth Away is an all natural blend of herbs and essential pure oils to drive away moths. Moths are pesky critters and cause damage year round, so there is no time like the present to solve this problem.

Moth Away is an effective Non-Poison solution that will solve moth problems before they happen and give you peace of mind naturally, without any of the risks of carcinogenic chemical moth balls.

Hang one or two of these Moth Away bags in your: - Drawers
-Garment Bags
-Storage Chests
-Linen Closets
-Blanket Bags

The advantage to Moth Away of course is that while the moths hate the smell and run away humans love the fresh all-natural scent! Among the thirteen herbal ingredients and four 100% pure essential oils is pure rosemary extract. This is the best in moth prevention and moth control. Yes, we got a little carried away but we decided to include every possible herbal substance known to repel moths.

For example, we use not just any cedar in our formulation, but only Eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) that grows east of the Mississippi. All other forms of cedar, including Western red cedar which is a completely different botanical species, are not effective against moths. You may find such careless formulations in other moth repellants on the market, but not in ours. Moth Away's active ingredients even include substances to repel grain moths, not just clothes moths. Each bag contains nearly a full ounce (about 20 grams) of powerful herbs. NO OTHER HERBAL MOTH REPELLENT ON THE MARKET INCLUDES SO MUCH OF SO MANY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS. Nothing else even comes close.

Also, unlike other products, Moth Away is made to order in small batches just before shipment and then vacuum sealed to preserve freshness. Other products may have been lying around in sachets exposed to the atmosphere for months if not years.

These will last one season and then can be easily replaced.

Anyone who has had even one fine pair of wool pants, coat or sweater eaten by moths knows how depressing this can be. Preservation experts recommend herbal rather than chemical agents to protect fine or collectible garments. No home is immune from moths, even cedar lined closets can be ravaged.

Once you get this you will wonder, how you ever got along without it?

Active Ingredients:

- Peppermint - 39.5%
- Rosemary - 39.5%
- Thyme - 19.0%
- Cloves - 2.0%