Magnetic Hang-Up Wreath Hanger

Magnetic Hang-Up  Wreath Hanger
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Magnetic Hang-Up  Wreath Hanger
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Magnetic wreath hangers are the FAST, EASY WAY to hang decorations on Steel and single-pane glass windows and doors. Patented magnetic hooks solve your decorating problems. Non-slip coating: Avoid scraping doors, windows and other surfaces.

No wires, nails or tools. Simply place the hook on steel, or place one hook on the inside of glass and the other hook on the backside of glass to create the attraction.

Strongest on the market. Magnetic hooks hold up to 10 lbs. each - through rain, sleet, and snow.

Not intended for use on double-pane, insulated or embellished glass.

Use on: Refrigerators File Cabinets Mail Boxes (plastic and metal) Glass doors and windows (single pane only) Washer and Dryer Trucks/Boats Garage

Package contains (2) Magnetic Hang-Ups.