Kingsford Bag-In Charcoal Dispenser

Kingsford Bag-In Charcoal Dispenser
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Product Description

- Easily dispense your charcoals into your barbeque.
- Weather proof plastic container allows you to keep charcoals outdoors.
- Dispenses charcoal straight from the original bag.

A large bag of charcoal can be burdensome and hard to pour. Keeping your bag in this Kingsford Kaddy Charcoal Dispenser will make it easier to fill your barbecue. All you have to do is place the open bag of charcoal into the dispenser and pour. The upright design and molded handles make large and bulky bags easy to carry. It is also 100% weather proof for keeping outdoors with your other barbeque supplies.

Clear Container with Blue Lid
Size: 20"H x 10"W x 19"D

This Container may be Stacked for convenient storage.