Japanese Beetle Trap - by Safer

Japanese Beetle Trap - by Safer
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Rated #1 by the USDA three years in a row!

Be prepared for the arrival of Japanese beetles in early summer with this dual-scented lure trap. Hang the traps in a tree or from one of our 64" tall galvanized steel trap stands 25-50 feet downwind of the beetles' target plants before the beetles emerge.

Place one trap for every 50 ft. of linear growing area. The floral lure attracts the females while the pheromone lure brings in the males. Recycle the dead beetles in your compost pile. Replace the lures after 4-6 weeks, bags as needed.

Kit includes Japanese Beetle Trap, one bag and one lure.

1. Place traps as beetles begin to emerge. Beetles will appear in Georgia & South Carolina in early May and in the Northeastern states by the middle of July.

2. Place traps on the upwind side of vegetable gardens, flower gardens, ornamental shrub plantings and other outside landscape plantings. Place one trap every 50 feet along two sides of plant perimeters. DO NOT enclose the area with traps.

3. Hang from any suitable post or stand in sunny areas 3 to 5 feet above the ground.

4. Place at least 10 feet away from the plantings or beetles may be attracted to the foliage you want protected.

5. Replace bags when full. If catches decline and beetles are still present replace pheromone/floral dispensers.