Hummingbird Feeder - Best 30 oz.

Hummingbird Feeder - Best 30 oz.
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Product Description

Hummingbird Feeder - Best 30 oz.
Hummingbirds are easy to feed and are people friendly. They are always on the look out for flower beds in bloom, in addition to the distinctive red color of the classic feeders. As a result they have become accustomed to being around people wherever they travel. Once the Hummingbirds are used to feeding from your feeder, you can move the feeder closer to your favorite seating area. Move the feeder no more than 3 feet at a time and keep it in view of the previous feeding spot. You can move it every few days, allowing the Hummers to acclimate to each new area before moving the feeder again.

-Hardened glass feeder bottle
-30 oz. capacity
-NO-DRIP feeding base
-6 feeding stations with removable flowers
-Full-circle perch