Hummingbird Facts

Hummingbird Facts
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(1) Hummingbirds are the most solitary birds on the planet

(1) Hummingbirds are the most solitary birds on the planet.
They migrate by themselves and live alone (The Ruby Throated Hummingbird, found in the eastern US and Canada is migratory; some western species are not).
After mating with a female, a male will drive her and their offspring away from his favorite feeding territory.
This means the more feeders you put throughout your yard and garden, the more Hummingbirds you will attract.

Fall is a great time to attract hummingbirds.
In the spring, hummingbirds are in a rush to claim the best feeding spot. They seldom linger in one spot for long.
In the fall, they take their time to find a good winter feeding territory. They can settle for a week or two at one good feeding station.
Be sure to keep feeding your Hummingbirds through the late Fall. This will allow the migrating birds to feed on their long stressful journey.

What it takes to attract hummingbirds.
Clean feeders filled with nectar
Bright flowers
Moving water
Perching spots
Insects to eat
Spiders to provide silk for nest building
Cover for hiding and nesting