Hudson Adjutant Duster

Hudson Adjutant Duster
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Product Description

Many people with flower gardens, particularly roses, prefer to apply dust. A duster is also ideal for many inside-the-home pest control projects.

The Hudson 674 Adjutant® duster holds a pound of dust and comes with an extension and deflector for easy placement deep within a bush and under leaves where insects hide and plant disease begins.

The Hudson Adjutant Duster is used to deliver organic insecticide and fungicidal dusts over foliage at close range in small gardens and greenhouses. Simple to operate with no mixing necessary.

The hand pump duster is a favorite of rosarians since insecticide and fungicidal dusts can be applied without wetting the plants foliage. Also a favorite in flower and vegetable gardens.
Large capacity holds 1lb. of dust
Powerful pump
Long extension with deflector helps get under the leaves
Easy to fill and use
Pump agitates dust for uniform discharge
Can disperse a tiny puff or a large cloud of dust
Designed and built to provide years of dependable service