Horticultural Vinegar

Horticultural Vinegar
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Product Description

Horticultural Vinegar- Where to buy? The Flower Depot Store is your choice! If you have been searching every where for a reliable natural weed control product look no further. We stock Bradfield Horticultural Vinegar which is the most effective 20% vinegar for natural weed control on the market. Read our resource sheets below to find out more about this organic vinegar weed killer.

Horticultural Vinegar Resource Sheet

Horticultural Vinegar is an environmentally friendly alternative to harsh chemical weed killers. If you want to practice environmentally friendly gardening and don't like spending hours on your knees pulling weeds, this is the product for you. When you buy horticultural vinegar to use make sure you have the right amount of acidity for it to be effective. Our experience has found the Bradfield 20 vinegar to be the highest quality vinegar on the market. We all want to practice natural weed control, but traditionally natural weed control has meant hours spent on your knees pulling weeds!

1. Made by the acetous fermentation of ethyl alcohol( made from grain) containing 20% acetic acid ( 200 grain food grade vinegar). Yucca Extract ( food grade Yucca Schidigera), a sticky carbohydrate, has been added as a natural surfactant/penetrating agent.

2. The 20 vinegar has many uses as an acidifying agent. Non synthetic vinegars are classed as a Crop Protection Tool and Production aid. Some uses include PH modification of water and soil and drip irrigation line cleaner.

3. This product is NOT OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) Listed. Non Synthetic Vinegars are allowed per the OMRI Generic Materials manual. Consult your certifying agent for permitted uses.

4. Acetic Acids of 8% or less when characterized as an inert ingredient are exempt from registration by the EPA as a pesticide under EPA “Minimum Risk Pesticide” FIFRA List 4A. Thus this product at full strength is not to be labeled or characterized as having any herbicidal virtues to the public.

Application of Horticultural Vinegar

Remember that 20 vinegar is not a selective herbicide and can do damage to any plant that comes in contact. Flower Depot Store recommends trying vinegar as a weed killer for spot treatment of weed patches. Another great application for the vinegar is for killing weeds along roadsides and range lands and for homeowners to control weeds around brick walls, sidewalk and driveway cracks.

Vinegar can be applied to plants in two ways:

1. It can be sprayed directly on the plant (contact herbicide)
2. It can be applied to the soil. (a soil drench).

Spraying vinegar directly on a plant dissolves off the waxy protective coating on the foliage, and leaves the plant dehydrated. The plant will then dry out all the way to the root. Applying vinegar on the soil lowers the soil pH to a point where the plants cant survive.

Horticultural Vinegar Scientific Study

Researchers from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Jay Radhakrishnan, John Teasdale and Ben Coffman, , who work for the principal scientific research agency of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) found that horticultural vinegar is indeed an effective weed control method. Farmers for years have been using different household agents like baking soda for purposes other than what they were intended for. These scientists decided to conduct a scientific study on whether vinegar could indeed be an effective natural herbicide.

Natural vinegar is made through fermentation of fruits or grains. The sugars from these organic substances are converted to CO2 and alcohol. The alcohol reacts with oxygen to produce the vinegar. Organic vinegar contains a colorless acid, acetic acid or ethanoic acid.

These ARS scientists tested the potency of horticultural vinegar on five major weeds: common lamb's quarters, giant foxtail, velvet leaf, smooth pigweed and Canada thistle. They used a hand spraying method and spot coated the plants with the horticultural vinegar.

The lead researcher of this study reported that the vinegar was able to kill several important weed species at different parts of the growth cycle. Of particular note he added that, vinegar with 10-20% acetic acid concentration killed 80-100% of selected annual weeds particularly, the 3-inch giant foxtail, 5-inch common lamb's quarters, 6-inch smooth pigweed, and 9-inch velvetleaf. Make sure if you are buying horticultural vinegar to use the right amount of acitic acid cocentration for effective weed killing. Our experience at Flower Depot Store is that 20% is the most effective.

Canada thistle, one of the most stubborn weeds in the world, is widely known to be defeated by horticultural vinegar.

See the original scientific study article about horticultural vinegar