Havahart Get Away Dog & Cat

Havahart Get Away Dog & Cat
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Product Description

Havahart Get Away Repellent 16 oz. Ready-to-use Spray

Now you can keep dogs and cats out of gardens, lawns, and garbage. Just spray the boundaries of any area you want to protect (for outdoor use only). Ready-to-use spray contains essential oils of Mustard and Capsaicin pepper, repels by both odor and taste. Vegetable oil based formulation coats surfaces for effective protection up to 10 days.

Reduce frequent tearing of garbage bags by dogs and raccoons, spray entire bag thoroughly, including the bottom. Use spray setting. You may put trash out up to 36 hours before pickup.

Discourage unwanted dogs and cats from entering lawn or garden, spray a border five-foot wide around the area you want protected. Use spray setting. Apply 0.10 oz (approximately 3 full trigger sprays) per square foot. Reapply every 7 to 10 days.

Discourage digging by dogs and cats in landscaped areas, best results are achieved when product is applied to existing bark mulch. Wet entire area to be protected, especially outer perimeter. Use stream setting. Apply 0.20 oz (approximately 5 full trigger sprays) per square foot. Repeat as needed.

- For outdoor use - One application lasts 7-10 days - Repels by smell and taste

Active Ingredients by weight Allyl Isothiocyanate 0.216% Capsaicin and Related Capsaicinoids 0.042%

Inert Ingredients: Vegetable Oil, Extract of Lemon 99.742%

Store only in cool dry area inaccessible to children and pets. Protect from freezing and heat. Keep container tightly closed to prevent evaporation.