HavaHart Elec Deer Repellent

HavaHart Elec Deer Repellent
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Product Description

3 post system - deters deer from a 1,200 square foot area.

Tired of being the local Deer Diner? Losing vegetables, fruits, berries and landscape plants to Deer? Here is product that has been tested and proven to work by those nice folks at 'Havahart'.
Easy to use - The Havahart Electronic Deer Repeller system includes 3 posts and an acorn scent attractant deer can't resist. This attractant is easily applied to an applicator on the top of each of the 3 posts. When the deer are drawn to the scent applied to the post, the post delivers a battery-powered shock! This shock will not harm the deer but causes a shock that scares them away. After a few times, the deer start to associate your yard with the discomfort of being shocked and will move on to feed elsewhere.
The 3 post system will deter deer from an area of about 1,200 square feet. Easy to install and assembles in minutes. The electronic posts are impervious to cold, heat and rain. Works down to zero degrees, F, allowing year-round deer control! Each post is powered by (2) - AA batteries, which will last for about one year. Safe and harmless to pets and people. The acorn scent is readily available, as deer attractant, at most sporting good stores that sell hunting supplies.

Delivers 400 volts (substantially less volts than static shock) and with virtually no amps (.01 Joules) to repel deer.

Covers approximately 1,200 square feet.

Two AA batteries (not included) have a life over one year.

Easy to assemble and install.

“Electronic Deer Repellents”
I have these units and have found them to be effective, especially in small food plots. The Electric Repellents use standard “AA” batteries that will last all season. The Lure Scent will attract Deer right to the business end of the unit, when they touch their nose, they get a mild jolt. Deer have a wonderful memory for what is pleasant and what isn’t. This unit reinforces a very unpleasant memory of your garden and plants.