Gypsy Moth Trap - by Safer

Gypsy Moth Trap - by Safer
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Product Description

Gypsy Moth Trap - by Safer
Safer brand Gypsy Moth Traps assemble quick & easy.

Gypsy Moth Traps should be hung in early spring. The moths are active from late April through August.

Choose a tree where air current can circulate the attractant freely. Hang the Gypsy Moth Trap 4-5 feet off the ground in a tree or on a suitable stand. The south side of the tree is best.

Check Gypsy Moth Trap at least two times a week.

To empty Gypsy Moth Trap:
a) immerse the trap completely in soapy water for one or two minutes to kill any remaining moths,
b) twist off ring,
c) pull out funnel, and d) dump the moths in regular trash collection. Rinse out or replace bag and re-hang.

Recommended number of Gypsy Moth Traps is two traps per ten trees.

If Gypsy Moth Trap catch declines and it is not the end of the season, replace the lure. The lure is designed to last 6-8 weeks.