Gilbert Flying Venus Fly Light Fly Trap - White

Gilbert Flying Venus Fly Light Fly Trap - White
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Product Description

Front-line strategy emphasizes eliminating flies before they get into operating rooms or processing areas: dumpster tactics, sanitation, the judicious use of approved chemical methods, physical exclusion, and the strategic placement (in non-public areas) of more powerful, professional flytraps.

Note that our No-Wall-Fade™ design won't fade or yellow your wall, like competitor's designs. It's time to replace old-fashioned gimmicks with truly professional flytraps.

Gilbert 2000GT features:

Two, superior, 20 watt insect attractant lamps (Sylvania #F20T12/350BL/ECO). Replace annually for best performance.

One Year Warranty (excluding lamps, glueboards)

Dimensions: 24-3/4"W x 11-1/2"H. Depth slopes 2-3/4" to 1-7/16" Textured Vinyl Weight: 6.72 lbs, ShipWt.: 8 lbs. Polished / Antique Brass Wt.: 8.16 lbs., Ship Wt.: 10 lbs.

Draws 43 watts of energy.