Fruit Fly Trap by Spring Star

Fruit Fly Trap by Spring Star
Item# PEFFT02001
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Product Description

Decorative, inconspicuous traps designed to discreetly capture the fruit flies that contaminate fruits & vegetables in your home. These effective, non-toxic traps kill fruit flies so they cannot reproduce. Dead flies remain out of sight inside the decorative container, which is similar in appearance to a spice jar and blends in with kitchen or dining room decor. Lure gives off a mild, pleasant, fruity odor that attracts fruit flies into the disposable jar where they become trapped and drown. Just fill the jar with water, add the bait and floating lure, and set the trap near the fly infestation. When the canister is full of flies, discard it with the rest of your garbage. Get rid of fruit flies safely for an entire month using SpringStar Disposable Kitchen Fruit Fly Traps. Use trap near fruit bowls, indoor garbage cans or those places where kitchen scraps are kept. Each disposable trap will work up to six weeks under normal conditions. Completely safe for use around food products. Package contains 2 traps.