Flour & Pantry Trap by Spring Star

Flour & Pantry Trap by Spring Star
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Product Description

Package of 2 pre-assembled non-toxic traps
Captures the moths in your home that are contaminating flour, food, birdseed, and pet food. Lure attracts flour moths, meal moths, seed moths and most other food moths. Each trap will work up to three months under normal conditions. Traps are disposable and extremely effective. Completely safe around food products. Prevent Moths from breeding using the SpringStar Flour & Pantry Triangle Moth Trap. Pantry and flour moths are most commonly found in cracks and crevices near food, such as in shelving and cupboards. These cracks provide the perfect habitat for laying eggs. To prevent this, this set of two traps includes two lures which use female pantry moth pheromones to entice males into one of the traps. This prevents the pair from breeding or laying eggs, keeping your home moth free all season long. The natural pheromones and materials also keep your pantry pesticide free. Package contains 2 traps.