Eaton Kills Bed Bugs ll - Qt. RTU Pump

Eaton Kills Bed Bugs ll - Qt. RTU Pump
Item# PEBBIEB032
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Product Description

New water-based formula contains the active ingredient Deltamethrin
-16 weeks of residuals
-Can be applied directly to mattress
-Professional strength - For use in homes, hotels, motels, hospitals, schools,etc.

TREAT ROOM WITH JT EATON BEDBUG SPRAY ACCORDINGLY TO LABEL DIRECTIONS. Depending on the size of the infestation, more than one treatment may be necessary.

How To Do A Bedbug Application

Pre-treatment Inspection
1. Keep in mind these insects are nocturnal and hide during the day.
2. Pay particular attention to wood and fabric items, as they prefer these materials.
3. Inspect all cracks, crevices, narrow spaces, and voids. If itís dark and undisturbed, they will likely hide there.
4. Inspect all beds, bed frames, nightstands, dressers, desks, and other furniture in the room.
5. Heavy infestations may be found behind baseboards and headboards, in windows and door casings.
6. Inspect behind items attached to walls and ceilings, on pictures, behind electrical switch plates, inside smoke detectors, behind loose wallpaper, in the pleats of drapes and the upholstery of furniture. They may also be in the crevices of suitcases, particularly if the luggage has been used recently.
7. Inspect adjoining rooms both next to and above infested room to determine whether these rooms are infested.

Treatment preparation
1. Remove as much as possible from the floor and away from the walls.
2. Take off bed linens, blankets and bedspread, and launder on hot cycle. Do not make bed until treatment is completely finished.
3. Wash clothes in hot water or have them dry cleaned.
4. Remove all items from all drawers, as drawers need to be empty for treatment.

After treatment
1. Ventilate room with fans or open windows.
2. Do not allow re-entry into the room for 4-6 hours or until spray has dried. If this is a residence, stay away from the entire house for that time. Stay off surfaces until they have dried.
3. Allow mattresses to dry before making bed.
4. Re-inspect in 7-10 days to determine whether additional treatment is necessary.