Eaton Hand Held Duster

Eaton Hand Held Duster
Item# GNSPD0E003

Product Description

8 oz Eaton Hand Duster.
For superior application of many types of dusts and powders such as Sevin, Rotenone, Diatomaceous Earth and others. Recommended for use with Tempo, Delta, Mother Earth and all types of dust.

The best method for applying insect dust is with a duster and not by squeezing the bottle. Dusters, like our Eaton duster will apply the right amount of dust without wasting it, but more important, over dusting is less effective and will cause insects to avoid the area.

-Easy to Fill
-Internal Spring Design
-Quick Disassembly for Fast Cleaning and Refilling
-Metal Parts Made of Galvanized Steel for Long, Dependable Life
-Can Be Held Upright or Inverted for Better Dust Dispersion Control
-New plastic tip makes it safer to use near electrical outlets.

The JT Eaton Duster enables you to apply precise amounts of material to voids under rocks, in wood, thick foliage or other places insects like to hide and nest. The rate of application depends on the product being used.