Dustin-Mizer Duster DLX - Garden Duster

Dustin-Mizer Duster DLX - Garden Duster
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Product Description

Dustin-Mizer Duster DLX - Garden Duster
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Quality Long-lasting dust applicator
- High impact, ozone-resistant plastic
- Corrosion resistant metal parts
- Each unit assembled by hand, adjusted and tested
- Weight: 2 Lbs. Length 26.5 inches
- Hold up to a LB. of powder

Dust is Better for Plants
- Gets under leaves, not just on top
- Dust does not add unwanted moisture to foliage
- Dust is long lasting, lingering on surface
- Dust is less toxic, plants do not absorb dry chemicals
- No clean-up after use.
- No chemicals to mix or dispose

Use with: Diatomaceous earth, Rotenone, Pyrethrin, Bacillus thuringiensis, (BT or Dipel), Sulfur, Lime and Sulfur, Copper, Bordeaux Mix, Sevin and more.

Made in America.