Deer Repellent Kit with Sprayer

Deer Repellent Kit with Sprayer
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3 Piece Kit for repelling Deer from your Garden and Yard.

Gilmour 1 gallon Sprayer
1 Gallon 1 gallon actual capacity
1 gallon operating capacity
Translucent tank to check fluid level
16" flexible wand with adjustable tip
Full size discharge with thumb control
Pressure relief valve built into pump
Funnel top for easy fill

16 oz. concentrate makes - 1 Gallon of Ready to Use Deer-Off.

DEER-OFF Animal Repellent is the only non-toxic animal repellent registered with the EPA as safe for use on edible crops and orchards, to protect them from deer, rabbits and squirrels.
Deer Off works year-round protecting your plants, bulbs and seedlings from damage due to feeding from deer, rabbits and squirrels. Will last up to 3 months, even when exposed to rain or snow. Protects the plant with a patented Dual Action deterrent system of odor and taste. If pests are not deterred by the scent, when they take the first bite and don't like the taste, they won't come back.
EPA registered for use on food crops, grass, plants, trees, bushes, flowers, bulbs and seedlings. The biodegradable all-natural formula will not harm humans, pets or animals.
Dilute with 7-parts water to every 1-part concentrate. For use on agricultural as well as horticultural crops. One pint (16oz.) concentrate makes 1 Gallons of Ready to Use Deer-Off.
1 Gallon will cover about 2,000 sq ft.

Coyote Urine Granule Packs (4) Last 90 Days. Effective on Deer, Elk and Other herd animals. Deer are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, yet they can and do cause a lot of plant damage. Stop the destruction of your hard work and beautiful plants with deer control you can do... Shake-Away deterrent.

Shake-Away the Strongest Deer Deterrent in Nature

What is Shake-Away deer deterrent? It is a powerful granular product that takes advantage of the strongest repellent in the animal kingdom - inborn, instinctive FEAR. Shake-Away Deer & Large Animal Powder contains the scent of the pests worst enemy, the Coyote.

Woodsmen have understood the natural law of predator and prey for hundreds of years. Strategically, they use the predator's territorial marking tool, urine to successfully attract and repel animals even today.

Now you can use this same scientifically proven, time tested tactic to do your own deer control. By simply sprinkling Shake-Away around the area you want to protect, your pest will instinctively steer clear of the area "claimed" by the Coyote.

Get Control of Your Deer Problem Safely, Easily

Other animal control methods are time consuming to use, messy to apply and some are even harmful to people, plants and animals.

Shake-Away is different. Look at the benefits:

- Uses the strongest force in nature (instinctive FEAR) to your advantage.
- Easy to apply powder - Applies in just minutes.
- Makes NO mess of you or your landscape.
- 100% Organic - Safe to use around children pets and plants.
- Does NOT harm the animals you are repelling And it is guaranteed.