Deer-Off 16 oz concentrate

Deer-Off 16 oz concentrate
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Product Description

I use DeerOff myself because it can be used on food crops as well as ornamentals. I dump the entire bottle of DeerOff” 16 oz concentrate into a 1-gal jug (such as a milk jug) then add water until about 1/3 full, screw the lid on tight, and shake it vigorously. I finish filling the jug with water until full and shake again. Using a funnel, I pour the mix into the sprayer, filtering the mix with through a piece of open weave fabric (cheese cloth or burlap), to prevent the sprayer from clogging. I spray plants susceptible to deer damage weekly during their rapid growth stage when new leaves are coming on. Once full size leaves are treated, deer usually won't bother the plants for several months. Its very important to spray deer repellents before deer have a chance to get started, and repeat until full size leaves are formed. I've found that plants such as Oak Leaf Hydrangea are susceptible to deer damage during the first 3-4 years after planting, but after the plants mature, deer don't seem to bother them. Make sure to clean your sprayer after each use because DeerOff can clog your nozzle if left in the sprayer. Just pour your unused DeerOff mix back into your 1-gallon jug for storage and flush our your sprayer with water. Pump clean water through the wand and nozzle. It only takes a few minutes to clean, and your sprayer will be ready to use the next time you need it. JB