Critter Repellent Granules by Shake-Away 20 oz

Critter Repellent Granules by Shake-Away  20 oz
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Product Description

Here is your Easy to Use Garden Deterrent Solution. How to Get Rid of Rabbits Naturally. After a bland diet over the winter months, rabbits love to feast on new green growth. Unfortunately, this usually represents your hard work! Tell tale signs of rabbit damage are very clean bite off marks on your plants. Once they feel comfortable in your yard, they may even make your property their home. They are cute for sure, but how do you get rid of rabbits without a lot of fuss?

Shake-Away the Strongest Rabbit Deterrent in Nature

What is Shake-Away and how does it work to get rid of rabbits? It is a strong, granular repellent that contains the scent of the your garden pests most feared predator, the fox.

Shake-Away Small Critter Powder uses the scent of the fox to take advantage of the rabbit's inborn, instinctive fear of its worst enemy, driving the pest from your property.

Simply sprinkle Shake-Away around the area you want to protect, and your animal will instinctively stay away from the area "claimed by" the fox.

Woodsmen have known for hundreds of years that the predator's territorial marking tool, urine, strategically attracts or repels animals. Now you can use this scientifically proven, time-tested strategy with Shake-Away rabbit deterrent.

How to Get Rid of Rabbits Safely and Easily

Other deterrents are time consuming to use, messy to apply and some are even harmful to people, plants and animals.

Shake-Away is different. Look at the benefits:

- Uses the strongest force in nature (instinctive FEAR) to your advantage
- Easy to apply powder - Applies in just minutes.
- Makes NO mess of you or your landscape.
- 100% Organic - Safe to use around children pets and plants.
- Does NOT harm the animals you are repelling
- And it is guaranteed.