Climb-Up bed Bug Interceptors - 12 pkg

Climb-Up bed Bug Interceptors - 12 pkg
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Product Description

Take control of your Bed Bug problem with the eco-friendly ClimbUp®

The ClimbUp® insect interceptor forms a barrier between floor and bed.

Bed bugs approaching bed from room will climb up exterior surface and fall into the outer pitfall ring. Bed bugs climbing down from bed will be found in center well.

Climbup® makes bed bug monitoring easy. Made in the USA of ecologically-friendly materials, ClimbUp® is a plastic double well cup with slick, talc-coated interior and fiber-coated exterior. Users simply slip the device under the legs of furniture where humans or pets sleep. It takes advantage of two bed bug behavioral characteristics: active searching for a human host upon which to feed and tendency to climb vertical coarse surfaces. It is important that the furniture be pulled away from the wall and that no bedding is touching the floor so that the bed bugs have no other means of entrance or exit to the sleeping area other than the interceptor. Through normal dispersal, bed bugs crawl into the interceptor and are trapped. Bed bugs attempting to enter the furniture fall into the outer well where they are not able to escape because of the interceptor’s slick, talc-coated surface. Bed bugs that try to exit the bed meet a similar fate in the device’s inner well. All bed bug life stages, including first instar nymphs, are readily visible against the opaque surface of the Climbup®. By observing the bed bugs captured in inner and outer wells, the user can determine if the bed bugs are coming to or going from the bed.

Climbup® is more reliable than visual inspections or resident awareness for detecting very light bed bug infestations. Therefore, it can be used pro-actively as an early detection device in a multiple-unit dwelling susceptible to repeated re-infestations. Also, using Climbup® as a preliminary surveillance tool is much less disruptive and requires fewer labor hours than visual inspections. Used post treatment, Climbup® acts as a bed bug barrier, thus bite and anxiety relief, and provides easily seen confirmation of the success of treatment.