Chapin Sprayer - 1 gal

Chapin Sprayer - 1 gal
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Product Description

The Chapin Lawn and Garden one gallon sprayer is an excellent choice if you're looking for an effective yet inexpensive sprayer to apply pesticides around your home or office. The Lawn and Garden Pump Sprayer features Chapinís patented SureSpray Anti-Clog Filter, a funnel opening for easy filling and cleaning, a translucent bottle for ease in checking fluid level, a 28-inch hose and 12 inch wand with adjustable spray nozzle.

Instructions for Use:

1) Fill the sprayer tank half full with water.
2) Add the recommended amount of product to be sprayed. (make sure to read the product label for the insecticide you want to use).
3) Fill the sprayer tank the rest of the way full with water to make one gallon, close the lid firmly, and agitate the tank to make sure the solution is mixed well.
4) Pump the tank to pressurize it by using the pump handle and apply the insecticide using the wand.
5) The spray nozzle on the wand can be adjusted to allow for wide or narrow spray patterns.