Cat Repellent Granules by Shake-Away 20 oz

Cat Repellent Granules by Shake-Away 20 oz
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Cats insist on using your garden or flowerbed as their personal litter box? They establish a litter spot or spots based on a territorial instinct. Cats are looking for a private place to call their own. Breaking this habit, requires an understanding of the cats age old instincts. Shake-Away takes advantage of this instinct, protecting your property from litter box abuse.

Shake-Away the Strongest Cat Deterrent in Nature

Woodsmen have used the urine of animals to attract and repel other creatures through instinctive fear.

Even cats, though domesticated for thousands of years, respect this hierarchy within the animal kingdom. Now you can use this scientifically proven time tested method to repel cats.

By simply sprinkling Shake-Away powder around the area you want to protect, you are sending the message to the offending pest, that this area has been "claimed" by a much bigger presence, the fox and coyote. Your pest will then move on to find another spot to cal their own.

- Easy to apply powder - Applies in just minutes.
- Makes NO mess of you or your landscape.
- Safe to use around children pets and plants - 100% Organic
- Does NOT harm the animals you are repelling
- Uses the strongest force in nature (instinctive FEAR) to your advantage
- And it is guaranteed.