Catch Master Bed Bug Travel Spray - 3.4 oz

Catch Master Bed Bug Travel Spray - 3.4 oz
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Product Description

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Why wait until it's TOO LATE?

Our all-new luggage and travel spray is designed to be sprayed on luggage and other items BEFORE you travel – in order to prevent bringing bedbugs home with you.

Bed Bug Early Detection System (BBEDS™) bedbugs travel spray will provide up to 2 weeks of protection on suitcases and other surfaces.
Easy to Use
The 3.4 oz. travel size is also perfect to bring along for an extra level of protection in hotels – use behind headboards, nightstands and around the bed area.

Great for use in offices, or wherever you suspect bedbugs may be lurking. May be sprayed on shoes, outer clothing and accessories, and in and around work areas.

(Please carefully follow all label directions and cautions)