Calypso Eucalyptus Wreath - 24 inch

Calypso Eucalyptus Wreath - 24 inch

Product Description

A colorful selection of Watercolor Eucalyptus. Watercolor Eucalyptus has an added accent color on the tip of each leaf that offers a splash of color you won’t find in other types of Eucalyptus. The color pallet of this wreath can be used with a rainbow of colors and help pull together any room setting. Measures 24 inches across.

Calypso (daughter of the Titan) lived alone on the mythical island of Ogygia in the Ionian Sea. When the Greek hero Odysseus was shipwrecked on Ogygia, she fell in love with him and kept him for seven years, and promised him immortality and eternal youth if he would stay with her.

We recommend this item for indoor use only.