Broadcast Spreader for Seed & Fertilizer

Broadcast Spreader for Seed & Fertilizer
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Product Description

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- Broadcast Spreaders: Evenly distributes seed, light weight fertilizer, granular and other materials.
- Sturdy zip top canvas bag
- Calibrated flow rate adjuster
- Adjustable shoulder strap
- Sturdy man made fiber strap
- Stainless steel rate gate
- Handy calibration chart
- 25lb. capacity (approximately)
- Easy on/off controls

Our unit has a 25 lb. capacity and features metal gears for strength and durability. The handle can be attached on the right or left side to accommodate either right or left handed people. Gears are not enclosed allowing you to wash off any dirt and dust left from spreading seed, granular insecticides, or fertilizers. Enclosed gears do attract dust particles and there is no way to clean or repair the unit when it becomes clogged. You must replace it. Consequently, our unit never becomes unusable. We have spoken with people who have used our type of unit for over fifty years and it is still in service. We spoke with one man whose unit was over ten years old. He used it the previous fall but over the winter rats ate through the bag to get to the remaining seed that was the only problem they had ever had with it. Our shoulder spreader is not designed to dispense heavy weight products such as lime in any form, or commercial fertilizers with a clay base such as 6-6-6 or 8-8-8 nor is our competitorís with enclosed gears. The wire agitator will not distribute these dense materials and they will cause gear separation.
Should our unit be used to apply one of the above products the gears will separate under the strain. This is only a small problem as they can be realigned using a Phillips screw driver, loosen the screws on the on the gears and realign the gears and tighten. That is all that is required. Setting rates are on the bottom of the spreader.

Operating instructions to set the rate:
1. On the left side of the spreader platform. Loosen the wing nut.
2. Slide the wire guide and setting lever to the desired position.
3. Tighten the wing nut. The spreader is set and the seed gate is open.
4. To close the gate, push down on the looped end of the wire guide. The gate is closed, to open for spreading pull back on the setting lever until wire guide engages.

The unit is used by-Homeowners, Landscapers, Farmers, Kennels, Forestry, Land Reclamation, and Hunters. PlantMates has produced this seeder for over (25) twenty five years. Our defective rate is less than one tenth of one percent. Quality builds value, price gets attention! We continue to price this unit 20-30% lower than competition.