Bittersweet is an American favorite when it comes to Holiday decorating for the Autumn season. The distinctive coloring and form make for a spectacular display when used in your home or office. The American Bittersweet vine has come under pressure in recent years, due to the introduction of Asian Bittersweet. The Asian variety has a smaller berry and is more aggressive than the American Bittersweet. Both vines are eaten by birds and the seeds are distributed through their droppings. The Bittersweet is a climber that if left unchecked may kill the host plant that it grows on, however the vine can easily be trained to grow on a fence, trellis or arbor away from trees and bushes where it becomes a problem.

I was thrilled when I received my Bittersweet order today. I donít know how you guys do it, but it seems to get more beautiful every year. This was my first order of Rosehips and they are wonderful. I was so impressed that I sent my Mother, who lives in Florida, an order of Bittersweet, it will remind her of when she lived here in the North. Canít wait to hear from her when her when she receives it. Thanks, and keep doing what your doing. - Catherine B.

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