SpringStar Bird Seed Moth Trap Cs-3 pkgs

SpringStar Bird Seed Moth Trap Cs-3 pkgs
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SpringStar Bird Seed Moth Trap Cs-3 pkgs
Package of 2 non-toxic traps.

If you feed wild birds like I do, or feed bird seed to your pets, sooner or later you will get bird seed that contains moths. They are easy to eliminate as long as you act right away. Captures the moths in your home that contaminate birdseed. Lure attracts flour moths, meal moths, seed moths and most other food moths. Each trap will work up to three months under normal conditions. Traps are disposable and extremely effective. Completely safe around food products. If moths are getting into your pantry and destroying your families food, get rid of them using the SpringStar Bird Seed Moth Traps. Bird seed moths are attracted by bird seed and usually lay their eggs in crevices found in shelving, cupboards, and pantries. This trap features a lure which emits female moth pheromones to attract the males. Once the male moth enters the trap, he gets stuck and is unable to find a female mate, preventing egg laying and an infestation in your home. Use the SpringStar Bird Seed Moth Traps in your home to keep your food and bird seed safe and healthy. Package contains 2 traps. Unopened traps can be stored for about 2 years.