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Bird Feed & Feeders
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Besides being avid gardeners, everyone at "The Depot" enjoys bird feeding and bird watching. It seems that gardening and birds go hand in hand, plus most birds are an asset to our garden as natural pest control.
Watching birds scamper around the feeder or frolic in your bird bath never ceases to put a smile in your heart. So if you haven't started feeding the birds yet, give it a try, you canít believe what your missing. Want to make someone's day special? Give them a bird feeder as a gift.

Copper Bird Bath - 14 inch
A great looking Copper bird bath that adds beauty to your landscape and offers the birds a place to refresh. I think many folks miss out by not having a bird bath in their landscape. A bird bath will attract birds that feed at your feeding stations as well as birds that are just wanting water to drink and splash in. We get Blue Birds as a regular visitors to our bird bath, but they prefer a diet of insects. Our 14 inch Copper bird bath comes with both a 3 foot metal ground mount and decorative hanging chains.
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Avian Cafe Wild Bird Wreath 20 in
Grown and Made In America
Here is a unique wreath that will make your wild birds Happy. A combination of wild bird favorites, plus the addition of Bell Cups that allow you to fill with Wild Bird Feed. Contains: Blonde wheat, flax, poppy pods, , red broom corn and bell cups. Measures 20 inches across by 5 inches deep.
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Avian Fantasy Wild Bird Wreath 20 in
Grown and Made In America
Here is a Wreath that all of your feathered friends will appreciate. Hang it on a Garden Gate, Tree, Shed or Fence Post and enjoy the show. Contains: Poppy Pods, Flax, Millet and Red Broom Corn. Measures 20 inches across by 5 inches deep.

Here are some Birds that will love this wreath: California House Finches, House Sparrows, Chickadees, Purple Finches, Western House Finches, Mourning Doves are only a few.
Peanut Feeder -Best Pick - by Perky Pet
I can recommend this feeder from first hand experience. Anyone who feeds wild birds knows that peanuts are a favorite with Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Titmice, Chickadees as well as Squirrels Raccoons, Opossums and Deer. Don't get me wrong, I like to watch the activities of the wild animals as well as the birds, but when you are supplying peanuts for every creature in nature, it starts to get expensive. And these animals are crafty and have quite powerful jaws, the normal wire mesh peanut feeder is no match, even for a Squirrel. Their teeth can pry these feeders open in just a few days, causing them to dump the peanuts all over the ground. I have had my PerkyPet feeder for 3 years and use a fraction of the peanuts I used with the wire feeders. This is a strong durable feeder that is built to last.

- Attracts - Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Titmice and Nuthatches
- All metal design
- Made so Squirrels won't damage
- Designed for years of service and easy feeding
- Holds 1.25 pounds seed

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Droll Yankee - New Generation Feeder 15 in
A popular and durable seed feeder with 4 seed ports for feeding. Can be hung from a tree or pole and comes with a threaded base allowing feeder to be mounted on top of pole or on deck railing. Clear feeding tube is accented in forest green. Make a great gift for the bird enthusiast. Measures 2 1/2 by 15" long.
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Squirrel Dilemma Feeder by Havahart
The Havahart Evenseed Squirrel Dilemma bird Feeder is the newest generation of bird feeder design. The Evenseed system allows for even and complete distribution of seeds, while the wire barrier protects from squirrel damage. Evenseed technology allows for three different types of seeds to be fed from the same feeder. This feeder has a 4 lb. seed capacity and comes fully assembled.
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The Twist Bird Feeder by Havahart
Havahartģ Twist Feeders have a unique spiral design from the three separate tubes within the feeder. By filling each section with different types of seed various types of birds will be attracted to these feeders. A perfect accent to any backyard, Twist feeders are both decorative and functional.
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Bird Repellent 10oz. by Tanglefoot
Tanglefoot Bird Repellent The vast majority of birds are beneficial and a pleasure to observe. However, there are three nuisance birds which have been known to damage property and are carriers of disease. These birds are Pigeons, Starlings, and English Sparrows.

Tanglefoot has devised a method for discouraging these nuisance birds from roosting on rooflines, window sills, and gutters.

Tanglefoot Bird Repellent adheres to all surfaces while retaining its soft, sticky elasticity. It simply deters nuisance birds from their resting places by making roosting areas undesirable. Registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Tanglefoot Bird Repellent is clear and odorless, and can be easily replaced or re-coated as the sticky material collects feathers, dust and other debris.